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Proactive Managed IT Services for Any Size Business

Managed IT from Impact Networking utilizes best-of-breed, industry-leading platforms and services that flexibly integrate into businesses of any size. Our full range of services can meet the IT needs of any customer that allows for customizable, fully-managed services. Our Managed IT allows clients the flexibility to utilize our services in a way that best serves their business needs, and can be easily applied to small, mid-sized, or enterprise level organizations. No matter what tools our clients choose to implement into their business, infrastructure security and ease of use are the hallmark of our offerings. One example that resonates with organizations of any size and in any vertical is the issue of disaster recovery. A comprehensive Managed IT program will remedy this issue, while also providing businesses with a greater degree of accessibility, control, business continuity, and more efficient general operations. While businesses of any size and scope benefit from the implementation of a Managed IT program, some of our solutions are tailor made to provide solutions to organizations based on their size.

Small Businesses

No business is too small to benefit from Impact Managed IT. Our IT experts can implement programs such as Office 365. This program allows small businesses to migrate from on premise email servers to hosted email servers, enabling our small business clients to retain all the benefits of enterprise-level email systems (like Exchange) without the need to license, manage or maintain an on premise server. Our vDESK service is a fully-hosted Desktop as a Service (DaaS) that allows us to host client servers and storage servers from our data center. The scalability of vDESK makes it a perfect fit for small businesses.

Mid-Sized Businesses

Impact has a long record of success in the mid-sized business arena. Many of our clients are mid-sized companies, and our business model excels in providing business optimization for growing companies. vDESK seamlessly integrates into mid-sized businesses as well, and implementation costs of remotely-hosted services have come down to the point that our clients can enjoy this more customizable and secure service at a long-term cost that is lower than procuring, installing, licensing and maintaining their own network infrastructure. Because of the emphasis we place upon our clients’ security, vDESK enables users to use their own device in our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model, without sacrificing the integrity of their infrastructure. This way, their secure and fully-managed desktop is available from their work devices while maintaining company data and intellectual property security.

Enterprise Level Businesses

The scalability of our Managed IT services allows us to work with larger organizations that may have an existing internal IT department in place. Impact is able to work with enterprise level businesses to augment the security and flexibility of their current infrastructure. Our Hybrid Cloud offering is similar to vDESK, but aimed at larger organizations that still need some on premise server, storage, and network equipment to maintain operations—especially for organizations with high volumes of data, such as manufacturers or companies with marketing and A/V intensive operations. In this scenario, we can still offer cloud services for end user file storage and directory services while maintaining the IT gear that must remain on premise. In addition to the inherent malleability of Hybrid Cloud, enterprise level businesses are often the best fit for our SecureImage disaster recovery option that ensures perpetually updated desktop virtualization in the event of a disaster that would typically result in loss of critical data.


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